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Laser Hair Reduction

Pain free 

 Laser hair reduction is a procedure used to reduce unwanted hair growth by means of photo thermal destruction.Compared to the other treatments available laser hair reduction treatment reduces the thickness and density of the hair from within. It is a session based treatment and the results can vary from person to person. However, a positive result can be expected just after 3-4 sessions. 


Scalp rejuvenation / Helps with hair fall /Scalp inflammation

 Mesotherapy is used to treat hair fall or hair thinning. It is a non- surgical, minimal, invasive method of multivitamin cocktail delivery which help to nourish the hair follicle. For the best results it is advised to undergo atleast 3-4 sessions. 


Boost hair growth 

It is a safe tool used for hair follicle stimulation. It activates stem cells that are responsible for hair growth. It will be gentle rolled over the affected area of scalp. Combined with PRP sessions can expect better results


No downtime

It is one of the advanced, pain-less,non invasive hair restoration therapy using PDO (poly dioxanone) ie, self  absorbing threads. It helps in releasing hair growth factors and also  regenerates type 1 and 3 . Combined with PRP session can give better best result combat hair loss. 


Most common treatment modality used world wide to tackle hair loss. It is also one of the most pocket friendly treatment  Platelets in the PRP becomes activated when injected to the scalp releasing numerous growth factors, stimulating developments of new hair follicles and also helps in increasing hair density. It can be done at an interval on 21 days. It restores your hairs natural growth cycles. 


It is a minimally invasive procedure. It is a mixture which is rich in abundant lukocytes, fibrin growth factors. It has the same benefits as the PRP but it releases more growth factors over time. It stimulates stem cells which increase collagen regeneration. Interval of 21 days. 


It is a low level laser therapy which increase blood flow to the scalp and helps in development of new hair follicle. It also increases terminal hair density depending upon the age and sex of the patient. It revitalises the damaged hair follicle and helps in improving thickness and texture. It employs laser technology to energies hair follicles. Always use as an adjuvant with other hair treatments 


Scalp micro pigmentation is used to create the illusion of hair by using natural cosmetic pigments that suits your hair colour. This is done by suing tiny layered dots to replicate the apprentice of natural hair follicles. It lasts for about 4-5 years and thereafter touch ups are require to ensure the results are maintained. It is used in client with thinning of hair, allopacia, male and female pattern baldness and also to camouflage surgical scars over the scalp. 


It can brings back your youthful look by giving permanent and actual looking results. It is a cost efficient and safe procedure when performed by qualified,experienced hair transplant surgeon. After evaluated by a hair transplant team an ideal candidate can undergo this procedure. Terminal hairs are harvested the from the donors by surgeons for implants. It will take only 4-5 hours. Ideal for male and female pattern baldness and receding hair lines.