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Dr. Fathima Nilufer Sheriff

  • MBBS (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences)
  • PG in Dermatology (MSc in Dermatology from King's University in London, St. Thomas Medical College in London)
  • Cosmetic Chemistry (American Academy of Dermatology (AAD))

Founder & CEO

Dr. Fathima Nilufer Sheriff is the founder and CEO of Therefore I'm, one of the fastest-growing and constantly evolving aesthetic and wellness brands in the country. Since stepping into the world of beauty in 2013, Nilufer has stayed true to her fundamental belief, that to keep up with the changing world, one needs to learn, adapt and evolve.

The name, Therefore I’m, which is a statement in itself, was born out of this consciousness. It means that in knowing one’s own existence through the act of thought, this is proof of the reality of one’s own mind.

Nilufer believes that unless one truly understands their mind, body and spirit as a whole, no transformation is possible. This encouraged her to incorporate a wellness concept into her brand focusing on a more comprehensive approach to individual needs. She ambassadors the use of experience and industry knowledge to develop innovative, result-driven wellness solutions to one and all. According to her, all skin experts are like Gym trainers. They can guide your way into your transformation, but the real work has to be done by the individual alone. One way to do this is to follow a clean living and understand how inner functioning and outer beauty are correlated. Her goal is to make a clean lifestyle accessible to everyone, for which she advocates easy-to-implement habits rather than a quick-fix program.

Prior to its present form, Therefore I’m was known as Hair Fair, a complete aesthetic clinic offering solutions in Dermatology, Cosmetology, Plastic surgery, Dental services and others. Hair Fair grew into one of the most preferred brands by anyone looking for a modern yet extensive door to a clear and healthy skin. But soon Nilufer realized that there is scope for a wellness-inclusive cosmetic service in the Kerala Market. This led to the foundation of Therefore I’m, the first holistic cosmetology brand in India.

Taking inspiration from transhumanism, a movement that holds that human beings can and should use technology to augment and evolve our species, she is the best advertisement for the work done in her clinic. She practices holistic well-being and gives much importance to mental health. For instance, in Nilufer’s own words, one must start at mental well being before they move on to anything else. It lays the foundation to a sound and stress-free life which will ultimately lead to a healthy skin. Her extensive wisdom and inimitable results have gained her a long list of loyal clients from top celebrities and NRIs to socialites and other beauty enthusiasts.

Today, Nilufer’s Therefore I’m is a prominent brand in the world of wellness with an unmatched ethical standard and cutting edge technologies. Her A team consists of hand-picked consultants, doctors and wellness experts with a revolutionary dedication to attain the highest quality of clinically- proven treatments. The brand has crafted customized cosmetic procedures as per individual needs to achieve beauty goals through evidence-based procedures and products.This sheds light on how what started as a dream in a single location in Thrissur has now expanded to a top brand with clinics in major cities in the state.

One thing that makes her brand a huge success is that it caters to all skin types and personalities. Nilufer would credit this success to the fact that she did not shy away from making social consciousness a huge part of her brand values. She has played a vital role in inspiring a large number of women in the world of business. Much of it has been nurtured in her by her parents. Nilufer Sheriff grew up in Thrissur with her mother, Nimmi. With the encouragement of her husband, Nimmi began a beauty salon called La Femme in Thrissur in 1988 which till date continues to remain a huge success. Mr. Sheriff did not stop there. He is the one who sketched out the career plan for Nilufer from the beginning. One of the greatest motivations in her life comes from something her father told her once which was that “Everyone wants to look their best all the time.”

Nilufer is of the opinion that every brand must pledge to address the issues affecting the environment and the world in general. She advocates eco-responsible practices at all her clinics and makes sure to include it in the guidelines for franchised clinics to follow.

She uses her social media handles to actively educate and inform people about the procedures carried out at her clinic, the products as well as to express her opinions on matters that need to be voiced. Her plans for the future include setting up an educational institute which will follow a research oriented system and offer world-class teaching.