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Dr. Fathima Nilufer Sheriff
Founder & CEO

 Dr. Fathima Nilufer  Sheriff who is an young and charming sculptor of beauty is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of “Therefore I'm”, one of the constantly innovative brand in Kerala. She is an enterprising entrepreneur who has done her MBBS from Rajiv Gandhi University. After doing her graduation in medicine, she has worked in Jubilee Mission Hospital and the Trivandrum Medical College for quite some time. Later, Dr. Nilufer Sheriff left the job and went to the United Kingdom (UK) and did her graduation programme in Dermatology from St. Johns Campus of the world renowned Kings University in London. Following this, she has done another graduation programme in Cosmetology from American Academy of Dermatology in the United States of America (USA). Her innovative formula; Passion and Professionalism, had resulted in ground breaking changes in the industry. It was after this that Dr. Nilufer Sheriff had decided to follow the footsteps of her mother Nimmi Sheriff and expressed her desire to be the driving force of “La Femme”, and thus she joined the industry in 2013. Infact, her passion and penchant for hard work had transformed the Salon concept to that of a ‘Wellness Centre’ with an exclusive ‘Spa and Clinic’. According to her, it is her father, Muhammad Sheriff, who is the main source of inspiration and encouragement throughout her academic and professional career.